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Bon Jovi O2 - From The Times

28 Juin 2007, 20:15pm

Publié par Ch'tite K.


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Sunday's parade

28 Juin 2007, 12:42pm

Publié par Nadinejovi

In an interview with James Kaplan in this Sunday’s PARADE, rock star Jon Bon Jovi talks about family life, his patriotism and resisting the temptations of the rock-and-roll lifestyle. Below, in a Parade.com exclusive, Bon Jovi discusses his work with Habitat for Humanity, his Catholic upbringing and his childhood run-ins with law enforcement.

On his Catholic upbringing:
“I went to Catholic school in and out. I’m what you call a recovering Catholic. I have many major issues with the church.”

On where he keeps all of his awards:
“There’s not a platinum record hanging in my house anywhere. It doesn’t exist here. I’m over it. They’re all in the garage, wrapped up in bubblewrap.”

On growing up in Sayreville, N.J. :
“When Our parents said, ‘Go play on the highway,’ that’s what we did. I’m not exaggerating. We played football on what is now the parkway exit into Sayreville , and the troopers used to say, ‘ You can’t play on the highway!’ Where else were we going to go? That’s where our neighborhood was, right on the highway.”

On change vs. progress:
“I pride myself on having [always] had the same band. I pride myself on having the same wife. I like progress but I hate change. And I think that counts for something in this day and age. I think it also has helped my career, because I didn’t do Grunge when Grunge got popular; I didn’t get a rapper when Rap became popular; I didn’t try to dance like a boy band when that got popular. You just stay the course, and do what it is that you do, and grow while you’re doing it. Eventually it will either come full circle, or at least you’ll go to bed at night happy.”

On his love of football and purchasing The Philly Soul, his arena football team:
“I saw something that no one else saw. I saw affordability. I saw accessibility. I saw this as an umbrella to my philanthropic desires. And that was going to separate us from every other big league sport.”


Une interview faite par James Kaplan à la Parade de Dimanche.  La rock star Jon Bon Jovi parle au sujet de sa vie de famille, son patriotisme et la résistance qu'il a pu mettre face à la vie de rocker.

Concernant son éducation catholique:"j'ai fait des "allers-retours" dans les écoles catholiques.  Je me suis retrouvé en tant que catholique et j'ai beaucoup de points (d'accroches, d'atouts) avec l'église.

Concernant ce qu'il tient de ses récompenses: il n'y a aucun album de platine qui pend aux murs de la maison.  Ils sont tous dans le garage emballés dans du plastique à bulles.

Concernant sa vie à Sayreville, NJ: "lorsque que vos parents vous disent d'aller jouer sur la grande route,, et bien on le faisait.  Je n'exagère pas.  Nous jouions au foot à l'endroit où se trouve maintenant une sortie (d'autoroute).  Les gens nous disaient "vous ne pouvez pas jouer là" mais où pouvions nous aller?  C'était là que nos voisins se trouvaient, sur la grande route.

Concernant les changements: je prie d'avoir toujours la même bande, je prie pour avoir toujours la même épouse.  J'aime le progrès, mais je n'aime pas les changements.  Et je pense que cela compte aujourd'hui vu l'âge.  Je pense que cela a aussi aidé ma carrière, car je n'ai pas suivi le mouvement "grunge" quand c'était dans le vent, je n'ai pas suivi le mouvement du rap quand celui-ci était populaire.  Je n'ai pas essayé le boys band quand cela était populaire.  Il faut rester ce que l'on est, et faire ce que l'on fait et grandir avec ce que l'on a fait.  Cela devient un cercle (quelque chose de bien fermé) et vous pouvez alors dormir sur vos deux oreilles.

Concernant son amour pour le foot et l'achat des Philli Soul:"j'ai vu quelque chose que personne d'autre n'a vu, quelque chose qui était accessible à tous, quelque chose qui attisait mon désire philanthropique.  Et c'est ce quelque chose qui nous sort du lot (qui nous sépare des autres sports".


Voilà bonne lecture à tous

Have  a nice day

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Lost Highway numéro 1 aux USA

28 Juin 2007, 10:36am

Publié par Nadinejovi

Source : Showbizz.net

Palmarès: le grand retour de Bon Jovi

Marc Gadoury [AgenceNews]

La formation Bon Jovi est de retour au sommet des palmarès nord-américains grâce à son nouvel album «Lost Highway».

La formation Bon Jovi est de retour au sommet des palmarès nord-américains grâce à son nouvel album «Lost Highway». Aux Etats-Unis, «Lost Highway» débute en première position du Billboard 200 avec des ventes de 288 000 copies enregistrées au cours de la dernière semaine. C'est la première fois depuis 1988 que le groupe trône au sommet du classement. À cette époque, le groupe avait atteint le sommet du palmarès avec l'album «New Jersey». Bon Jovi a connu aussi un autre numéro un avec l'album «Slippery When Wet» en 1987.

Le duo The White Stripes revendique la deuxième position avec l'album «Icky Thump» qui s'est écoulé à 223 000 copies à sa première semaine de ventes. C'est un sommet en carrière pour Jack et Meg White.

L'artiste country Brad Paisley fait son entrée en troisième position avec l'album «5th Gear» (197 000 copies).

Toby Keith glisse de la première à la quatrième position avec l'album «Big Dog Daddy» (73 000 copies).

Paul McCartney est aussi en perte de vitesse passant de la troisième à la cinquième position avec l'album «Memory Almost Full» (64 000 copies).

Au Canada, Bon Jovi prend possession de la première position avec «Lost Highway» qui s'est écoulé à un peu moins de 50 000 copies selon les données compilées par Nielsen Soundscan Canada. Il s'agit d'un deuxième numéro en carrière pour le groupe au pays ; l'album «Have a Nice Day» avait atteint le sommet du classement en septembre 2005.

Le duo The White Stripes fait une percée en deuxième position avec l'album «Icky Thump» qui s'est écoulé à 26 000 copies.

Claude Dubois, le meneur de la semaine précédente, glisse en troisième position avec l'album «Duos Dubois» entraînant avec lui Rihanna qui glisse aussi de deux positions pour terminer au quatrième rang avec «Good Girl Gone Bad»

Finalement, l'artiste country Brad Paisley débute en cinquième position avec l'album «5th Gear».

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So, did O2 rock the O2 arena? (And should you become an O2 VIP customer?)

28 Juin 2007, 06:37am

Publié par Ch'tite K.

After all the hype and build-up, the O2 Arena was put to the test on Sunday night by playing host to its first concert with Bon Jovi the choice. Some may say it was a safe choice, with tickets selling out in minutes after going on sale while others seemed curious - would the eighties rockers be able to lift the revamped arena to new heights?

Thankfully for organisers, the concert itself did the job of wiping the memories of the disastrous Millennium Dome (what it was formerly known as) launched in 1999. Perhaps it was always meant to be a rock stadium or at least that’s what it felt like to be inside. Having said that, there were still some logistical kinks to iron out.


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Bon Jovi talks about new disc

28 Juin 2007, 06:34am

Publié par Ch'tite K.

In an exclusive interview, Jon Bon Jovi describes his band's new country tinges and more intimate songs
By -- Sun Media

Two significant things occurred when Bon Jovi went about making their 10th studio record, Lost Highway, which hit stores this past week:

(1) The New Jersey rock vets set up shop in Nashville to write and record the country-tinged record, including one song (Any Other Day) with Canadian transplant Gordie Sampson (Jesus, Take the Wheel), and they invited such guests as Big & Rich and LeAnn Rimes to sing on two other songs.

(2) After two albums inspired by very public events -- Bounce, which followed 9/11, and Have A Nice Day, which followed the 2004 U.S. presidential election -- the group's songwriting became personal.

In particular, frontman Jon Bon Jovi's writing partner and band guitarist Richie Sambora had a lot to work with, after splitting from wife Heather Locklear, hooking up and then breaking up with Locklear's former friend Denise Richards, losing his father to lung cancer, and recently checking into rehab.

Band keyboardist David Bryan also split from his wife and lost his dad.

"I realized the pain that I saw my friend, my collaborator, Richie Sambora going through, and it was identical to that that Dave Bryan was going through," Jon Bon Jovi said down the line from New York City recently, in an exclusive Canadian newspaper interview with Sun Media.

"They both lost their dads, who I've obviously known for 25 years, the only sons of those dads. And I watched the bitter divorces that both of them went through. And I thought, 'There it is. There's the obvious. Let's internalize.' "

Bon Jovi said he got no resistance from Sambora in writing down his feelings on such songs as Whole Lot of Leavin'.

"I found it to be cathartic for Richie. And I'm hoping that all of those days are behind him now, and that the loss element of this record is past us -- and now the light of the tunnel of Lost Highway is going to be there at the forefront.

"Everything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Other people I've witnessed come through that, some of them are broken ... and some of them get stronger, and in (Richie's) case, I'm going to bet that he gets stronger."

Sambora said on the Today show this past week that it wasn't so much checking into rehab as "detoxing."

"I was just drinking too much," he told Today host Matt Lauer. "I needed to get my life together. I'm still in therapy. But it's good. I'm great. I feel fine."

Meanwhile, the move into country music came after the rockers -- who have sold 120 million albums over the last quarter-century -- had a No. 1 country hit with, and won their first Grammy Award for, Who Said You Can't Go Home (from 2005's Have a Nice Day), which featured Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles.

"We expanded upon what it is that we're very comfortable with," said Bon Jovi, who previously wrote Blaze of Glory for the Young Guns II soundtrack in 1990 and Wanted Dead or Alive with Sambora for the band's 1986 juggernaut album Slippery When Wet.

"And the success of Who Said You Can't Go Home opened up a lot of doors with an audience that was familiar with our catalogue."

Bon Jovi pointed out that the band previously recorded half of its 1995 album These Days, as well as two songs on their Crossroad greatest-hits CD (Always and Someday I'll Be Saturday Night), in Nashville.

"I've been there so many times since the early '90s so I knew a lot of folks there," said Bon Jovi, who split producing duties between rock producer-songwriter John Shanks and Nashville studio vet Dann Huff.

"We weren't perceived as carpetbaggers because people know I've been there for a lot of years. And country artists like Joe Nichols writes, 'She takes off her clothes to a Bon Jovi song,' or Chris Cagle covers Wanted Dead or Alive, or Chris LaDoux does Bang a Drum, or Rascal Flatts covers In These Arms Tonight. So we've had our feet in the water there many times over the years. It's not like AC/DC going down (there)."

On the other side of the coin, Bon Jovi said he wasn't concerned if there might be backlash from the band's hardcore rock fans.

"I can't think like that," he said. "And I don't write records for the marketplace. You just write records. And sometimes the magic of that, like when we wrote Livin' On a Prayer all those years ago, (sounds) like nothing on the radio at that time. In 1986, radio was Tears For Fears. And then Livin' On a Prayer comes along and changes the format of radio."

Still, he'll admit Lost Highway's first single, the ballad (You Want to) Make a Memory, is hardly burning up the country or rock charts. It sits at about No. 15 on both.

"Big Kenny from Big & Rich said, 'It's music without prejudice.' If you can get by the fact that this format isn't necessarily accustomed to playing a Bon Jovi record next to a (Kenny) Chesney record, or a Big & Rich record, and you just listen to the song, then it opens up your mind."

As for working with Sampson, Bon Jovi says one of the main reasons he went down to Nashville was to collaborate, and "Gordie's just a great collaborator."

Bon Jovi said he didn't know if Any Other Day might be released as a single.

"I can't tell you that it was one of my favourites on the record, but then again, neither was Livin' On a Prayer. Good thing I'm not an A&R guy."

Bon Jovi doesn't expect the country-flavoured songs to stick out from their signature rock anthems in a live setting, even if it will mean having a fiddler and a pedal steel player on stage with them.

"I think once the songs sink in with people, they're going to fit beautifully. And I enjoy singing them immensely," Bon Jovi said. "And we've been able to incorporate those players into some of the rock stuff, and it's working well. They can obviously sit in on Wanted Dead or Alive."


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'Lost Highway' heads to No. 1

28 Juin 2007, 06:31am

Publié par Ch'tite K.

Bon Jovi scores big with country disc

'Lost Highway'
Bon Jovi's 'Lost Highway' hit No. 1 on the SoundScan charts.

Release Chart

By taking a country road instead of the Jersey Turnpike, Bon Jovi landed its first No. 1 album in 18 years.

Bon Jovi's "Lost Highway" (Island/Mercury Nashville) sold 292,000 in the week ended Sunday, according to Nielsen SoundScan, to give them their first chart-topper since "New Jersey" in 1988.

Album also debuted at No. 1 on the European chart and in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria, Thailand and Japan.

Clear Channel radio station websites started promoting the disc from the minute it went on sale, by webcasting six live song videos, including the new single "(You Want To) Make a Memory." Band also performed on NBC's "Today" on the day of release; MTV, VH1 and CMT broadcast the band's "Unplugged."

Sales were boosted by a bundling of concert tickets and a digital download of the album. "Lost Highway" sold 32,000 digital copies, 11% of the album's total sales.

While Bon Jovi used a new country fan base to post a record sales week, the White Stripes scored career bests by moving to a major label.

"Icky Thump," the duo's first album for Warner Bros., sold 223,000 to enter at No. 2. That's one slot higher than 2005's "Get Behind Me Satan" (V2), which sold 189,000 in its first week.

Brad Paisley's "5th Gear" (Arista Nashville) just missed giving the week three discs with sales of more than 200K, as the disc topped out at 197,000 in its first stanza. By selling 14,600 downloads, "5th Gear" posts the largest digital debut of the year by a country artist. Paisley promo'd the album last week with a "Good Morning America" concert appearance.

Other debuts came from Atlanta's Shop Boyz's "Rockstar Mentality" (OnDeck/Universal Republic), which sold 52,000 to open at No. 11; Lifehouse's "Who We Are" (Geffen) sold 49,000 (No. 14); "Notebook Paper" (Jive) from St. Louis rapper Huey wrote out 29,000 (No. 26); soul singer Chrisette Michele's "I Am" (Island) sold 26,000 (No. 29); and Mandy Moore's first release on the Firm Music label, "Wild Hope," sold 25,000 (No. 30).

Last week's No. 1, Toby Keith's "Big Dog Daddy," dropped to No. 4 on a 64% sales slide, moving 73,000 copies.

Next week's race for No. 1 will be a dogfight between Miley Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson, as the two are expected to sell more than 300,000 copies each of their new discs.

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Bon Jovi at The O2

28 Juin 2007, 06:28am

Publié par Ch'tite K.


BON Jovi rocked at the opening of The O2. The band were the first to play in the 20,000-seater stadium of the newly-transformed millennium dome and they did not disappoint.

Hit single Livin' On a Prayer kicked proceedings off followed by You Give Love a Bad Name.

Jon Bon Jovi was given a rapturous reception by the sell-out crowd which marked the band's only appearance of this year.

Looking to be really enjoying himself, Jon strutted and wiggled his way through the nearing on two-hour set, several times handing the mic to the crowd to join in.

The hits were belted out without the aid of any real fanfare (the only backdrop was a screen behind showing landscapes and images) but this didn't seem to matter to the crowd, judging by the screams.

And Jon himself was clearly impressed to be christening the new auditorium. Getting the crowd going by yelling at the start of the set: "Who the hell needs Wembley Stadium?"

And he later carried on his approval with the words: "The O2 is a really good sound".

The crowd seemed to agree, lapping up the classic hits which were interspersed with songs from the band's latest album, Lost Highway, which sees the band take on a more country sound.

Add to the mix a violinist and a cover of Shout and you had a rocking set.

During one of two encores, Jon even performed an unexpected but moving cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, a great way to prove there is much more to Bon Jovi than stadium anthems.

And there was only going to be one song to finish on: Wanted Dead or Alive.

Singing and screaming along with my fellow fans my only disappointment was the lack of my favourite Bon Jovi song, Always.

But I loved the new The O2 and I am dying to come back and have a proper look around.

Judging by the reception from Sunday's crowd, The O2 looks to give Wembley a run for its money.

For more information about up and coming events, visit the02.co.uk

2:28pm Wednesday 27th June 2007



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Bon Jovi scores first No. 1 album since 1988

28 Juin 2007, 06:25am

Publié par Ch'tite K.

Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:21PM EDT
By Katie Hasty

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Bon Jovi topped the U.S. album charts for the first time since 1988 on Wednesday, while rock duo the White Stripes scored a personal best with a No. 2 debut for their latest release.

Bon Jovi's "Lost Highway" sold 292,000 copies in the week ended June 24, the rock troupe's biggest one-week sum since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking sales data in 1991. The Island/Mercury Nashville set is Bon Jovi's third No. 1 album, joining 1988's "New Jersey" and 1987's "Slippery When Wet."

Sales were fueled in part by the group's new country fanbase, wrangled in with the Grammy-winning 2006 hit "Who Says You Can't Go Home" featuring Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles.

The White Stripes' "Icky Thump" sold 223,000 copies. Jack and Meg White have enjoyed increasing success with each new album: 2005's "Get Behind Me Satan," started at No. 3 with 189,000, 2003's "Elephant" peaked at No. 6, and 2002's "White Blood Cells" topped out at No. 61. "Icky Thump" also opened at No. 1 in Britain, their second chart-topper after "Elephant."

Brad Paisley's fifth studio album, "5th Gear," bowed at No. 3 with 197,000 units, the country singer's best sales week ever. Last week's champ, Toby Keith's "Big Dog Daddy" slid to No. 4 with 73,000, suffering a 64% sales hit.

Paul McCartney's "Memory Almost Full" fell two to No. 5 in its third week with 64,000, while Linkin Park's former chart-topper "Minutes to Midnight" sat tight at No. 6 with 63,000.

Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" rose three places to No. 7 with 62,000, Maroon 5's "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" dropped four to No. 8 also with 62,000, and Fabolous' "From Nothin' to Somthin'" tumbled seven to No. 9 with 59,000 in its second week. T-Pain's "Epiphany" fell five to No. 10 with 56,000.

Powered by the hit single "Party Like a Rockstar," rap combo Shop Boyz' debut album "Rockstar Mentality" opened at No. 11 with 52,000. Other big debuts included Lifehouse's fourth album "Who We Are" at No. 14 with 49,000, rapper Huey's "Notebook Paper" at No. 26 with 29,000, Chrisette Michele's "I Am" at No. 29 with 26,000, and Mandy Moore's "Wild Hope" at No. 30 with 25,000.

Album sales were down 7.1% from last week's total at 8.9 million units and down 5.2% compared to the same week last year. Overall album sales for the year are down 15% compared to last year at 221 million units.



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Aricle journal Métro 25 juin 2007

27 Juin 2007, 11:05am

Publié par Nadinejovi

Le dimanche 24 juin 2007, les guys ont enflammé le nouveau dôme de l'Arena O2 à  Londres. Si dessous un article de journal parut dans le journal "Métro" en date du 25 juin 2007.

La photo du final provient de Bon Jovi France que je remercie.

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Photos Bon Jovi au Rockefeller Plaza 2007

23 Juin 2007, 09:58am

Publié par Ch'tite K.

Richie Sambora, left, and Jon Bon Jovi perform with their group, Bon Jovi, on the NBC 'Today' television program in New York's Rockefeller Center, Tuesday June 19, 2007. Bon Jovi is releasing the country-influenced album 'Lost Highway' on Tuesday, June 19, 2007. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Photo Photo Photo



Jon Bon Jovi signs autographs for the audience when his group performed on the NBC 'Today' television program in New York's Rockefeller Center, Tuesday June 19, 2007. Bon Jovi is releasing the country-influenced album 'Lost Highway' on Tuesday, June 19, 2007. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Photo Photo

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora appears with the group on the NBC 'Today' television program in New York's Rockefeller Center, Tuesday June 19, 2007. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Photo Photo Photo

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora autographs a guitar for an audience member when he and the group appeared on the NBC 'Today' television program in New York's Rockefeller Center, Tuesday June 19, 2007. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)


Jon Bon Jovi appears with his band on the NBC 'Today' television program in New York's Rockefeller Center, Tuesday June 19, 2007. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Photo Photo Photo

Photo Photo

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