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Review: Bon Jovi at the new Prudential Center

29 Octobre 2007, 07:40am

Publié par Ch'tite K.


Pop Music
Review: Bon Jovi at the new Prudential Center 

It was a night of new beginnings: The opening of Newark's sparkling, $375 million Prudential Center, the first of Bon Jovi's 10-show run there, the announcement of the band's upcoming world tour.

Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi, right, and Richie Sambora perform at the newly opened Prudential Center in Newark on the first of 10 nights at the arena. (Photo by Wayne Herrschaft / October 25, 2007)  

It was a night of new beginnings: The opening of Newark's sparkling, $375 million Prudential Center, the first of Bon Jovi's 10-show run there, the announcement of the band's upcoming world tour.

So why did the whole affair feel like old hat?

"This is a historic night in the state of New Jersey," Jon Bon Jovi told the crowd, but he played as though he were in the middle of a long tour, not at the beginning of one. For the most part, the band cruised in second gear, letting songs roll by rather than reaching out and grabbing them.

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Opening of the new Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

26 Octobre 2007, 06:39am

Publié par Ch'tite K.

People arrive at the Prudential Center on opening night to see Bon Jovi play in Newark, N.J., Thursday, Oct. 25, 2007. (AP Photo/Mike Derer)

People arrive at the Prudential Center on ... 

People arrive at the Prudential Center on ...

Jon Bon Jovi performs with his band Bon Jovi at the opening of the new Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., Thursday, Oct. 25, 2007. (AP Photo/Mike De)

Jon Bon Jovi performs with his band Bon ...

Jon Bon Jovi, center, performs with his ...

Jon Bon Jovi performs with his band Bon ... Jon Bon Jovi, right, with Richie Sambora ...

New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine, center right, with his girlfriend, Sharon Elghanayan, second from left, attend the Bon Jovi concert

New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine, center right, ...

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Prudential Center: les répétitions

25 Octobre 2007, 10:03am

Publié par Nadinejovi

Jon Bon Jovi acknowledged Tuesday that building a 17,000-seat arena in one of Jersey's most maligned cities is a risk. But the Jersey rock star, who is kicking open the door to the Prudential Center on Thursday with the first of his 10 shows there, said it's a risk he has supported from Day One.

"You have to have faith in somebody and something in order to help it to work," Bon Jovi said after his group's second and final rehearsal at the Prudential Center on Tuesday afternoon. "I really think that [Newark Mayor] Cory Booker is very special. And he has a great vision of bringing this city back to its old glory. And he's very, very passionate about it. ... And after meeting with him a couple times, it wasn't hard to convince me we could do this."

Bon Jovi has 73 songs at the ready so that each night's set list will offer something unique. Among the songs the group performed live Tuesday were "Bells of Freedom," "Wild is the Wind," "I'll Be There for You," "Lay Your Hands on Me" and "Welcome to Wherever You Are."

"And now for one of those songs we've never performed," Jon Bon Jovi said into a microphone, facing a mostly empty arena, before embarking on "Open All Night" during the rehearsal.

He had rave reviews for the arena's sound quality, based on the band's two rehearsals. He took a studied look at the rafters and noted the care that went into building an arena whose primary tenant is a hockey team.

"They invested a lot of time and effort into soundproofing," Bon Jovi said, "and that's a compliment to the design team who thought like that. It's an extra cost."

On Tuesday night, there were still plenty of seats available for the group's opening night show. Ten shows is a lot to fill, but the gambit is reminiscent of the six shows Bruce Springsteen played at Brendan Byrne Arena when the Meadowlands arena, now the Izod Center, opened on July 2, 1981.

"We beat him to the punch," Bon Jovi joked. "Well, sure, it's a generation thing, absolutely. I grew up listening to the E Street Band. They were my heroes. I was aware of it."

He promised to play the hits, "all the new album, a couple covers, and we'll see." And while his set list is still a work in progress, his opening is not.

"We're taking a very different approach to opening a show," Bon Jovi said. "And unless you guys correct me in the paper the next day [after the opening night performance], I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. So it's very dramatic."

And while he called his band "guinea pigs" for this Newark arena, he dismissed the notion of pressure. The group also opened the Nokia Theatre Times Square and the O2 Arena in London.

"We've opened quite a few," Bon Jovi said. "So I'm not at all thrown by the 150 union guys in the hallways. At least this one's opening, or so we think. I'll believe it Friday morning."

And when the doors swing open, Bon Jovi hopes the doors to Newark swing open along with it.

"I love to see the revitalization," Bon Jovi said. "I'd like to see it in Asbury [Park]. I'd like to see it happen here in Newark. Eventually someday we'll all think about Camden and stop looking away from it." 
Source: Bonjovifrance


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Till we ain't stranger anymore

24 Octobre 2007, 10:54am

Publié par Nadinejovi

LeAnn Rimes Sacrifices Her Health for a Sexy Video Shoot


LeAnn Rimes Photo by: Brad Barket / Getty
LeAnn Rimes Sacrifices Health for a Sexy Video Shoot | LeAnn Rimes
It's not easy being sexy, but someone's gotta do it. And it was country singer LeAnn Rimes's job to sacrifice her own health to get a music video shot with Jon Bon Jovi.

"We stayed up to 6 a.m. I was in a nightie in the middle of the street. It was freezing," she tells PEOPLE at Redbook Heroes: The Strength & Spirit Awards in New York Monday night. "I got a little bit of a cold from it."

Rimes – whose latest studio album, Family, was released in October – joined Bon Jovi, 45, in New York to make the video for their duet "Til We're Not Strangers."

"It's just been working and sleeping," the 25-year-old country singer says.

This was also not the first time Rimes suffered for her art. In 2005, she was ordered not to speak for two weeks when
a bout with bronchitis burst a blood vessel in one of her vocal cords.

Rimes attended the event with her husband Dean Sheremet, 26, whom she describes as "a great sport," "very supportive," and "a lot of fun."

Sheremet also doesn't seem to mind sharing his wife with a rockstar. "He's one of those husbands that's like, 'the sexier the better, go for it,' " she says. "We're happily married, so it's all just make believe."

Rimes said filming the video (perched atop a glass bed on Manhattan's 23rd Street) with Bon Jovi was "pretty surreal."

"He's great. I love working with him. It was late so we were both ready to do our job and get it over with. But it's a very sexy video."

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Voiture de star

24 Octobre 2007, 09:04am

Publié par Nadinejovi

Voiture de Star : Le Hummer de Bon Jovi Source: Par Julien Taillandier - le Mardi 23 octobre 2007 http://news.caradisiac.com/Voiture-de-Star-Le-Hummer-de-Bon-Jovi-969

Lorsqu’on parle de tuning ricain, de jantes chromées spinning wheels 24 pouces, de gros son et de people, immédiatement on a en tête une star du Rap, évoluant au volant d’un Hummer.. Il est évident que la mise en avant du bling-bling style, de la réussite sociale, des voitures clinquantes, des filles faciles, et de l’argent qui coule a flot sont les véritables fondements du rap US moderne.. et étroitement lié au courant de personnalisation Dub..

Par conséquent on imagine difficilement un star du rock se promener dans un H2 avec un traitement de ce type.. et pourtant Richie Sambora guitariste et membre fondateur du groupe Bon Jovi affectionne tout particulièrement ce type de personnalisation comme nous pouvons l’apprécier avec ces modestes clichés de son auto..

Rien de délirant, un fond noir du chrome, mais le plus gros du travail se passe a l’intérieur avec la réalisation d’un système audio onéreux a base de JBL et de caisson fibre visant a apporter une restitution sonore parfaite pour l’oreille délicate d’un musicien de talent..

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Photos du nouveau clip "Stranger"

22 Octobre 2007, 17:55pm

Publié par Ch'tite K.

Jon & Leann get it on in public!

We caught Jon Bon Jovi and Leann Rimes in a steamy embrace at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue in New York last night. But don't worry Mrs Bon Jovi! it was all in the interests of art. Jon and Leann were shooting the video to their upcoming single Stranger at the world famous Flatiron Building. The ballad is tipped to be a top seller this Christmas, and now we can't wait to see the video.

Two Stars On A Bed In NYC

Justin ran into a movie set last night in Gramercy Park and he did a double take when he saw Jon Bon Jovi and LeeAnn Rhines lying on a bed together right thre in the middle of the street.

Getting a celebrity in the street lying on a bed is a really cool photo, but getting two celebrities lying on a bed toether is like hitting the jackpot!

Photo by Justin Campbell/BuzzFoto.com

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Une pétition pour les fans mécontents

21 Octobre 2007, 11:23am

Publié par Ch'tite K.

Bon Jovi Give Fan Clubs a Bad Name?

(antiMusic) Bon Jovi proclaimed with the title of their boxset that their fans can't be wrong but it turns out that in the eyes of the power that be in the Bon Jovi camp that their most loyal fans are often wrong. At least when it comes to critiquing the services they receive after paying $50 to become a member of the band's fan club. Some fans have had enough and started an online petition addressed to Jon Bon Jovi. But you won't hear about it on the message boards within the fan club because those are heavily censored. 

The petition reads in part: "We, the disappointed members of Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi, sign this petition after much patience with and tolerance of the new fan club. We believe that the new fan club is not acting in the best interests of its members, in particular: 1. Promises made in exchange for the annual 06-07 membership fee, such as contests and online chats with you, have not been delivered 2. The fees charged for tickets, ticket packages and fan club events are heavily inflated 3. The online ticketing system is unreliable, taking an average time of 2-3 hours to purchase a ticket (comparable to 5 minutes for some other artists) with many issues and grief to fans 4. Local fan club members are unable to get tickets to local shows." 

Many fans are apparently afraid to speakout against the problems with the club over a fear of being bannished. We did manage to speak with one member who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity and this member laid out some of the major issues that spawned this online protest against the Bon Jovi fan club which says, "we seek an ethical and modern fan club that offers value for money that can be enjoyed by global fans from all demographics."

Despite the heavy censorship on fan club message board where we are told it is difficult for fans to find out what is really going on because "the admins of the board keep deleting the fan complaints," the biggest complaint that fans have against the club is the fan club tour packages and their inflated prices, thus taxing fan loyalty. 

The fan told us that "some have packages going for $300+ which means a seat in the first 15 rows and you get 3 songs on stage with the band. The other packages are $170 a ticket, which is $45 above face value. A little high. For example, Pearl Jam charges less than $5 per ticket bought and they have upwards of 1,000+ fan club members at every show. To add insult to injury, the ticket systems basically crashed and many of the local Canadian fans did NOT get tickets. To put it mildly, if someone were to go to a concert, and take their significant other, it would cost each of them $50 to join the fan club and then another $45 on top of face value for a decent seat. It should be noted that the tickets, unlike the old Aerosmith model, are NOT overnighted to the fans but are picked up at will call. So why the exorbitant fee's?"

The fan continues, "The fans were complaining, but alas many of the posts were deleted. Apparently, one of the rules of the fan club is that NO ONE can criticize the fan club or any other member or they will be banned. The fans are upset that the fan club has gone from a organization about the fans to one that exists to only line the pockets of Jon Bon Jovi's brother who runs it."* 

Because of the censorship within the fan club not many of the members are aware of this online petition and have to find out about it on public message boards devoted to the band. The fan we spoke to asked us if we could help get the word out about the petition and we agreed because no fan deserves a slap in the face for their loyalty and they should be allowed to express their discontent if the put their hard earned money out to become part of a fan club. 

You can read the online petition and sign it at this address http://www.petitiononline.com/bswjbj07/

*We were unable to confirm Jon's brother's involvement but did find quite a few references to the fact that Jon's mother founded the fan club and ran it. We do not know if she still does or if Jon's brother took over. If you have information about this, please let us know.  



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Bon Jovi revient avec un DVD live !

20 Octobre 2007, 09:46am

Publié par Ch'tite K.

Bon Jovi - Bon Jovi revient avec un DVD live !
le 18/10/2007
Le 26 novembre, Bon Jovi sera de retour avec un DVD live, Lost Highway : The Concert, qui reprendra une prestation enregistrée à Chicago le 30 juillet dernier dans le cadre d'une émission musicale. Les fans pourront retrouver les morceaux du dernier album du groupe, Lost Highway, paru en juin, mais également d'anciens tubes comme It's My Life, Wanted Dead Or Alive et Who Says You Can't Go Home .

Bon Jovi fera également son 'come back' sur scène avec une grande tournée mondiale baptisée 'The Highway Tour', qui devrait passer en Europe en 2008. Pour le moment aucune date française n'est annoncée. Le dernier projet du groupe américain, Lost Highway, s'est écoulé à plus de 2 millions d'exemplaires.


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Jon n'est pas un saint...

19 Octobre 2007, 10:36am

Publié par Nadinejovi

Jon Bon Jovi n’est pas un saint
Le jeudi 18 octobre 2007
Jon Bon Jovi
Plus de vedette
tqs.ca ·  Le chanteur sait pertinemment qu’il n’est pas un saint, mais il demeure honnête.

Jon Bon Jovi parcourt le monde depuis plusieurs années avec son groupe de rock. Il n’est pas souvent à la maison avec sa femme, mais il assure qu’il ne la jamais trompée. Il s’est récemment confié au magazine « People » sur le sujet.

Il a mentionné qu’il n’a pas de maîtresse sur la route et qu’il n’a pas non plus de seconde famille cachée dans une autre ville. Le couple est marié depuis plus de 18 ans. Quatre enfants sont nés de cette belle relation.


Cela va nous gâché le week-end... un physique comme celui-là et il ne le partage qu'avec son épouse....

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Jon :"Je n'ai jamais trompé ma femme"

19 Octobre 2007, 10:36am

Publié par Nadinejovi

Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi « Je n’ai jamais trompé ma femme »
Même s’il est harcelé par des groupies depuis une vingtaine d’années, Jon Bon Jovi n’a jamais été infidèle à sa femme Dorothea avec laquelle il est marié depuis bientôt 19 ans. 

« Je suis loin d’être un sain, je suis leader d’un groupe rock très connu, et qui sillonne le monde depuis plus de 25 ans. J’ai manqué des tonnes d’anniversaires et des fêtes familiales. Mais, je n’ai jamais trompé ma femme. Je n’ai pas de maitresse, ni des enfants cachés. Vous ne lirez jamais ce genre d’histoires à mon sujet », a indiqué le chanteur de 45 ans. 


Il a vraiment toutes les qualités ce gars, bon chanteur, mignon à croquer et en plus fidèle....

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