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Recettes records pour nos guys

28 Août 2008, 12:44pm

Publié par Nadinejovi

Bon Jovi et les Spice Girls réalisent les recettes record de tournées
Crédit photo : DR

Bon Jovi et les Spice Girls réalisent les recettes record de tournées

D'après l'étude menée par Billboard sur les tournées les plus rentables de ces six derniers mois, le groupe Bon Jovi et les Spice Girls tiennent le haut du classement avec des sommes dépassant les 100 millions de dollars.

Le groupe Bon Jovi mène une tournée très rentable et atteint la première place du classement. En se produisant à guichet fermé dans les stades et les arènes, les artistes ont réussi à amasser des recettes qui se montent à 112,4 millions de dollars.

Suivent les Spice Girls qui avec 45 concerts donnés en l'honneur de leur reformation ont engrangé plus de 70 millions de dollars. Le troisième du classement est le groupe Police dont la tournée n'est cependant pas terminée. Le concert final aura lieu au Madison Square Garden le 7 août 2008. A ce stade, le groupe de Sting aura bouclé une tournée
marathon de 146 représentations. Selon les estimations, ils risquent fort de détrôner Bon Jovi avec 3,3 millions de tickets vendus et une recette record de 359 millions de dollars au terme de leur tournée.

Après ses trois gros leaders viennent plusieurs autres tournées à la rentabilité plus modeste. L'icône de Disney Channel, Miley Cyrus alias Hannah Montana prend une honorable quatrième place avec 45,3 millions de dollars. Suivent le Tran-Siberian Orchestra (44,8 millions), Bruce Springsteen (42 millions), Van Halen (40,2 millions), Michael Buble (36,6 millions), Take That ( 32,5 millions) et Jay-Z/Mary J. Blige (30 millions).

Ces résultats établis sur les six premiers mois de l'année ne sont pas définitifs. L'arrivée de gros rendez-vous, tels que Céline Dion, Coldplay, Kenny Chesney, Neil Diamond, Madonna et Tina Turner, risque de bouleverser le classement pour la seconde moitié de l'année. Même si Bon Jovi, The Police et Springsteen ont de fortes chances de rester dans le top, l'avenir des autres artistes en lice est incertain.

L'étude concernait dans sa grande majorité des concerts qui ont eu lieu en Amérique du Nord et dans le Pacifique, du 14 novembre 2007 au 13 mai 2008.


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Bon Jovi accusé de plagiat? Affaire à suivre...

12 Août 2008, 13:05pm

Publié par Nadinejovi

Baseball fans are more than likely familiar with the Bon Jovi song “I Love This Town,” from the overexposure it has received on behalf of the nation’s pastime. But Boston musician Bart Steele says that Bon Jovi stole the tune from him and he’s not happy about it. He tells us, “I got raped…my baseball anthem became the baseball promo song for the
world…except I got cut out of the deal!”

Boston Magazine recently ran a rather detailed feature story on the controversy, below are a few excepts hitting a few of the key points, followed by a link to read the full article. Before we get to that, listen and decide for yourself.Bon Jovi’s song “I Love This Town” - Bart Steele’s song “Man, I Really Love This Team”.

Excerpts from the Boston Magazine feature: Bart Steele, struggling musician, former stockbroker, lifelong Red Sox fan, wanted a universal tune, one that reached well beyond Fenway Park. So, early in that September of 2004, he decided to distinguish his ditty from every other Sox tribute by giving it a Nashville sensibility and thus, he figured, even broader appeal.

When the Sox headed to St. Louis for the World Series, Channel 7 invited the duo (Bart and friend Peter Bellomo) to perform live. DJs at Boston Beer Works and the Cask ‘n Flagon began encouraging regular “Man, I Really Love This Team” sing-alongs. Just after the Sox swept the Cardinals, Steele says, he found a clip on Major League Baseball’s website of two polluted coeds slurring his chorus in the shadow of the Green Monster. Over at FenwayNation.com, where the song was available for free download, traffic had kicked up threefold to 180,000 daily visits. Like his Red Sox, Steele had made history.

But three seasons later, as the Sox muscled past the Angels and Indians to face the Rockies in the 2007 World Series, Steele couldn’t bring himself to watch a single game. Instead, he stewed in his condo, plotting revenge against, of all people, Jon Bon Jovi. Unbelievably, blatantly—cruelly—the pretty rocker from Jersey had taken his song and repackaged it as his own. Steele was sure of it. Now he just had to get the world to see things his way. - get the full story, it gets a lot deeper than this




August 10, 2008

After posting a report by Chris Faraone of
Boston Magazine in which Bart Steele accused Bon Jovi of ripping off one of his songs, Sleaze Roxx received an email from former Cats In Boots and Heavy Bones vocalist Joel Ellis claiming that a similar thing happened to him. Joel's email can be read in its entirety below:

"It was back in the 1980's when Denny Holan and I were recording our pre-production demos for Atlantic Records with Merri Hoaxx. We had just finished tracking a studio session that included our original song "I'll Be There For You". We left Paramount Studios in Hollywood with a cassette tape of rough mixes and headed straight for The Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset. When we got there we gave the tape to Michael to put on the Bar's sound system, it was the classic "Is It Worthy" test for demos and mixes that a lot of bands used to gage their nights work. We'd always pop on the song and listen for the sounds then we would watch to see if people were digging the songs.
The place was definitely digging the songs that night.

I ran into Sam Kinison who asked me to come back to his table and hang out. So while our tape was playing, we sat at the table in the back with Sam, Jon Bon Jovi, Peter Aykroyd (Dan's brother) and Doc McGee, etc... Johnny gave us this line of BS that if we gave him this tape he would take it to his uncle at Polydor Records and try to get us out on tour with him.

I somehow felt like I was going to regret that, but we agreed to take a chance and trust him, so we gave Jon Bon Jovi the cassette that night and we never heard back from him. A short time later we heard the chorus for our song "I'll be theeerrre for youuuu" as JBJs next big hit. My manager at the time wanted to sue his ass but we were doing well and were very busy with all the Atlantic developments going on that I didn't want to cause problems for our momentum that we had going at the time. I hated when people would note the resemblance between Jon Bon Jovi and me at the time and I didn't want to give the world any other reasons to compare me to the Golden Boy Johnny. We were in no way similar to each other and strongly resented any comparison...I wasn't pop singer, I was a rock singer and I wasn't a self righteous frosted hair perm boy with relatives who paved my way so I could steal songs from real artists and get rich off of ripping them off. I was a self made true rocker from the streets to the stage to the studio to the stores, with no help from daddy's friends & relatives and we rocked without the posing. Whatever successes or short comings I had were of my own making, but it was real. So I didn't care about that song.

Later on during the Heavy Bones days, I was dating a girl named Lehua Reid, who was previously engaged to Richie Sambora. While she lived at Richie's house, she told me about how she remembered the nights that Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora would sit at Richie's piano with boxes full of tapes they had collected from trusting aspiring musicians who trusted them with their creations for a shot at success, how they would play through tape after tape looking for catchy songs to rip off all the while laughing at the suckers who gave them their tapes. When she heard my demo recording of "I'll Be There For You" she sat back, eyes wide open, saying "NO WAY!!! This is YOU??", and went on to tell me about the night that they were so excited to be ripping off this song and how Johnny had always wanted an excuse to rip off John Lennon for his vocal in the verse of "Don't Let Me Down" by the Beatles. They worked on that song for hours playing my demo over and over again and it stuck in her head.

Of course I had already known where their recent huge hit single had come from but hearing her tell that story was like salt in the wound...I've always felt that people should know about this and I still have the original demo. If anyone in the world wants to hear it I'll be happy to put an Mpeg up on my website so they can hear it too.

I wonder how many other guys are out there right now feeling the same burn from the Golden Boy Jon Bon Jovi and his trusty side kick Richie Rich."

Joel Ellis of Merri Hoaxx, Cats In Boots and Heavy Bones.

Vous pouvez écouter le sois-disant plagiat sur le lien ci-dessous:


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Victoire des Soul de Philadelphie juillet 2008

12 Août 2008, 12:43pm

Publié par Nadinejovi

L'équipe de football Philadelphia's souls a gagné le "Arena Bowl XXII" le 27 Juillet. Jon reçoit le trophé :
Source:www.gettyimages.com  et www.bonjovi.com

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